Tuesday, 24 August 2010


''I challenge you to look at Jon Haward's artwork and tell me why this man isn't working at the forefront of mainstream comics in the U.K and U.S, because i see no difference between him and his more celebrated peers.''
P.M.Buchan writer for Starburst Magazine 2012

'' One of the hardest-working, most enthusiastic creators of  sequential art I've ever met '' 
David Lloyd Artist co-creator of V for Vendetta 2010

''I've loved the Classical Comics Shakespeare graphic novel adaptions that I've read - Macbeth, The Tempest . I never would have guessed it, but in a way, comics - with their parallel verbal and visual narratives  are perfectly placed to realise the complexity and tonal diversity of a play. It's capturing the lightning in a different-shaped bottle. Amazing stuff!''
Mike Carey  writer of comics ,novels and film 2009
"The concept of Classical Comics is truly inspirational. The stage and page are brought vividly to life. The artwork of Jon Haward is both dramatically compelling and beautifully illustrative. His pictures illuminate the words to perfection and bring these great works leaping to mind and eye. This format is immediate, vital, energetic and engaging. Highly recommended for any student of Shakespeare!" 2009
Sir Derek Jacobi, Actor and Director 2009
"I'm fascinated by your approach to the play and its language.
I find them gripping, dramatic and, although for me the original Shakespeare is always my reason for turning to these plays, I think that what you are doing in illuminating and making perhaps more lucid, especially for young people, is clever and meaningful." 
Sir Patrick Stewart, Actor 2008

''Jon Haward is without doubt one of the most talented and versatile artists in the U.K today'';    
Alan Grant , Writer of comics ,novels, tv and Publisher
''your work is beautiful''
Caroline Munro, Model,Actress,Singer 1997
''Your package of art was magnificent and obviously you don't need to be told you've got a great flair for art, We all got a big kick out of your portfolio''.                                
Gene Simmons, KISS Musician, Actor, Producer, Publisher 1990's    

His CV of work shows the versatility and talents not just as a comic artist, but also as a designer and illustrator as well. His pencil work, ink work and colour work is exemplary and sets a great standard for present day comics here in the UK. He is a vastly underrated artist in my opinion and if ever the title "Hot artist" was deserved then it is in my opinion, due to be given Jon
His ability to work with licensed characters, humour comics, adventure comics, children's pre-school comics, superheroes and now classical Shakespearian characters shows just how wide a style range Jon can cope with, with his storytelling.
Tim Perkins Wizards-Keep ltd 
He has produced a wide ranging style of work for us, and displays a consistent ability to adapt to changing requirements of publishing houses. Deadlines are met, and Jon takes a great care with any briefs he takes on to ensure we are on the same wave-length which is appreciated.
He has an eye for detail, flexibility, and a sense of humour to go with it which means i wouldn't have a hesitation in recommending Jon as a enthusiastic contributor to any creative team.
Phil Tompson Designer Norwich

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  1. That's awesome Jon!! Some very high words of praise there.. and well deserved as well :o)