Thursday, 26 August 2010


    No secret I've been a big fan of Kiss since i was a teenager
    seen them loads of times on stage with and without their make -up ,

    here's a selection of art i drew in the 90's of the group ,the manga art was for a Kiss fan mag called CLOWN WHITE ,the other drawings and painting where drawn for fun .

    A dream project for me would be a project where i worked with Gene Simmons
    when i was 16yrs old i drew images based on the concept album Music from the Elder a very under rated album with a great story , i would love to draw the Elder as a official Kiss graphic novel i made a pitch awhile ago to Radical comics and Gene so far no feed back

    I did how ever get a fax from Gene Simmons in the 90's
    when i sent a package of art samples to him and the band including a humour comic strip called Shag a heavy metal roadie , Gene liked one of the strips and was interested in using it in a future publication not sure if it ever got used.

    Gene published in 1995 a heavy large book with a slip case called Kisstory which i bought
    in it where pages of fan art page 344 bottom left corner has a image that i drew for the Kiss international fan club it was a birthday card with Gene holding a cake it was signed by a fan convention for Gene's 32th birthday i was thrilled to think after all those years he still had the card it was drawn in 1981

    strange but true Gene Simmons did a TV show called Rock School in 2005
    based in my home town Lowestoft
    his I.T guy who handle his computer set up at the country hall he was staying in
    was from Kirkley Community High School called Paul Margetson the same guy who is my website guru! ,
    sadly i never got to meet Gene in person for a chat about music and comics
    although i sent him a package saying why didn't he have a imprint line of comics called Simmons comics where he was the publisher and have more control of content and art surprise surprise he did with Simmons comics group with IDW Publishing .

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