Friday, 20 August 2010


Competition winner on the Tales of the Buddha before he got enlightened blog is

just recently celebrated my 45 birthday!!
met up with John Stokes and his wonderful wife Elizabeth along with my brother Jim ,we at long last presented John Stokes his 70th Birthday tribute card that was featured in a recent blog

the card was drawn by Chris Weston , Barry Kitson  myself and my brother Jim the card was over 8 months late but so glad to be able to finally be able to present him with it ,here's a photo of us from the lunch we had in Norwich

as you know over the years John Stokes has inked my work for 2000ad on Sinister Dexter and Tales of Telguuth and for Spider-man for Spectacular Spider-man Adventures for Panini U.K he's a terrific artist in his own right just see his wonderful work listed on this blog entry

at the moment i have a few labour of love scripts to draw for friends and Hamlet to finish plus trying to pack my things after my fathers death i have to relocate myself so his house can be sold ,the last 4 years as well as draw i cared for him , I'm grateful though that i had those special years with him and i would like to thanks my friends who gave me support and kindness through those dark days of his illness .

as you can see recently on the blog i have been reflecting a bit on my 1990's work , all the different styles and failed pitches and the successful work i guess that's due to turning 45 in age/ middle aged where did my youth go? any way thanks for keep viewing this blog , i find it amazing to see I've nearly had 30,000 views 

very best


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