Sunday 27 January 2013

belated happy new year

well the year has started well with another great review for Tales of the Buddha before he got enlightened by pipe dream comics

the printed version with extras is coming out for the spring more news soon, it really looks fab Jamie Grant has given the book the same love and attention that he did working on All Star Superman, Alan reckons its his best humour work since his Lobo days and i've been told by many folk that they love my cartoon style for the book.

this pin up was drawn for Dave Elliott for a planned Sharky collection tpb i drew it based on a THOR cover by Jack King Kirby and tried to give it abit of Kirby magic in the art, Dave's a fan of the Buddha book so it was a pleasure to draw this for him .

Thursday 20 December 2012


Renegade Arts Entertainment have uploaded a 5 page Christmas special featuring Buddha meeting and helping Santa , written by Alan Grant and drawn by me with wonderful colouring and lettering by Jamie Grant click the link to view this funny adult humour strip
Christmas web comic special

Tales of the Buddha before he got enlightened ebook is now available on the kindle fire, the kobo, the ipad iphone p.c and nook 69 pages of adult humour .

Sunday 18 November 2012

Robert Fish is now my official Art dealer

Very pleased to announce my new art dealer is Robert Fish.
Rob owns Fish4Comics a very well organised comic shop based in Cardiff, he'll have all my art from the last 25yrs so if your a fan of my work you can chase Rob for your fave pages.

Painted Art
Shock Hockey card art
Judge Dredd ccg card art
Hell comes to Elf town painted pages from issue 7 of Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated magazine
Postman Pat
Mutant Chronicles Art
Dan Dare

Comic Art
Slaine for Zarjaz
Judge Dredd , Sinister Dexter, Tales of Telguuth from 2000ad
Spectacular Spiderman art from my 5 yr Panini Marvel U.K run
Marvel Pocket Book covers : Amazing Spiderman, Uncanny Xmen, Fantastic Four ,Incredible Hulk, The Silver Surfer.
Hulk vs Thor
Action Man
The Tempest and Macbeth from Classical Comics
Dan Dare from the new Eagle
Shinobi Master Ninja and Eternal Champions from Sonic the comic
Masked Rider from the young telegraph
J.L.A annual art that was never published by DC comics

Dr Who panini story book
school Joke book (hippo books)
plus loads more unpublished pieces

email Rob if you need any info etc

Thursday 1 November 2012

sketching sunday for FISH4COMICS at Cardiff Comic Expo

Hi just a quick note to say i'll be sketching on the fish 4 comics table on Sunday at the CARDIFF COMIC EXPO .

i'll also bring my laptop to show how nice the TALES OF THE BUDDHA BEFORE HE GOT ENLIGHTEND ebook looks , see you there.

Sunday 28 October 2012

happy Halloween

Hecate Goddess of the Witches from Macbeth the graphic novel published by Classical Comics my art was coloured by Nigel Dobbyn book published in 2008

Thursday 11 October 2012

tales of the Buddha before he got enlightened review

BIGFOOT STUDIO says '' Jon Haward's knockout art and Alan Grant's sharp scripts are a perfect marriage. Stand out series!''

another review for Tales of the Buddha before he got enlightened Ebook published by Renegade Arts Entertainment by the Lottery Party .com

by the way the book is now available on Itunes for Iphones Ipods, Ipads

script Alan Grant art Jon Haward colours and lettering Jamie Grant 

Sunday 7 October 2012

the Saga of Zoran heroes profiles

My new creator owned project THE SAGA OF ZORAN has a blog i've uploaded the main heroes profiles for you to enjoy.
It's a all ages fantasy adventure i hope you'll come along for the journey and enjoy the work.






characters copyright Jon Haward 2012