Thursday, 14 May 2009


Just been reflecting on The Tempest, the book took me 57 weeks to complete in that time i had five bouts of illness which did slow things down,

i designed 43 characters ,

i drew 130 pages of roughs/layouts,

125 pages of tight pencils ,

6 cover roughs and 2 cover pencils

it's been a munster job ,and i hope the public and school children will enjoy the work when it's published in August in the u.k.

here's my final Tempest page i'm uploading on this blog showing Caliban in all his glory,over the last 3 months i've shown character designs, pencils inked pages and coloured pages of the book to give an insight in comic book publishing .

i would like to thank Clive Bryant Publisher /Editor for his support on this project and also Jo Wheeler creative director of Classical Comics ltd.
also Gary Erskine who has been great to work with inking my work and also Nigel Dobbyn who has been doing a fantastic job colouring and lettering my work on The Tempest and Jenny Placentino who has been helping with continuity