Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Many years ago i wrote to Dez Skinn via Warrior magazine to get advice about my comic art i was drawing around 1986, he told me to get in touch with David Lloyd for tips and advice i did so and over several months David would review my art and give me advice to improve my work .

Everyone knows about David's fantastic body of work over the years from his early work on DR WHO to Night raven to V to his vertigo work and his brilliant Kick back graphic novel but little is written about his kindness to fellow pros ,his friendliness to his fans and his countless efforts to promote comic art as a art form especially in the u.k ,he really is a great ambassador to British comics and art.

one of the highlights for me was a few years ago sitting doing sketches and signing comics next to a all star line up at comic expo in Bristol , the line up was JIM LEE, DAVE GIBBONS, DAVID LLOYD , ME , STAZ JOHNSON , DEAN ORMSTON ,i looked at David and said ''I'm not sure i should be here? '' david replied '' your the European Spider-man artist ain't you? relax and enjoy it!'' and i did, a great memory.

David's been a great teacher and friend over the years he has been also a great support to me ,this picture was drawn for him a few years ago ,it was interesting for me trying to draw his style but as you know ,no one draws like David .

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