Sunday, 25 October 2009


When i was designing the Tempest visual look i wanted it to first look beautiful to the reader more detailed than Macbeth and also i had the brief that the costumes had to look 15th Century in look , so all this was a major factor why the book took me 57 weeks to draw i had to design the trees ,rocks, creatures, costumes, characters,draw ships, goddess's, monsters it was a lot of hard work but a lot of fun too.

this book looks amazing thanks to Nigel Dobbyn's use of colour and effects with the wonderful skies and light through the trees ,the dramatic lighting he does over my art really adds to the drama it was a real pleasure working with Nigel on Macbeth and the Tempest these pages show his colouring talents really well ,also Gary Erskine's fine crisp inking over my pencils really added to the book also.
i was very lucky to work with these great talents.

one thing i liked reading fairy tales as a young child was the artist's used to draw faces in rocks and in trees so I've done the same with the Tempest if you buy the book see how many faces you can see in the landscape, i also like the fact you can look at the book over and over again and still see new things in the backgrounds and details you didn't notice before.



  1. Lovely, lovely work Jon - really amazing! I'm also very impressed with the way you've left your drawing relatively open in areas, so it's not fighting the colouring, which is as you say fantastic!

  2. Thanks Peter ,yes the big problem with these books was leaving space for the big speeches in the play, thats why i had three different scripts to read which had the different versions quick text, plain text and original text John McDonald did a brilliant job translating Shakespeare to modern english and for the comic adaption , i also wanted the scenes on the island to look open in areas and to look lush and grand like a big budget hollywood flick.