Thursday, 20 August 2009

news and bits and bobs

I recently drew a double page spread for Goodwood Revival meeting programme featuring Sir Stirling Moss the art had to look retro late 50's early 60's in style from the golden age of The Eagle it was a great job to draw when i have permission to show a image i will.

John Charles has coloured my latest Marvel Pocket book cover ''The Amazing Spider-man'' death of Gwen Stacey ,it looks fab i drew it very Romita Sr in style so that's something to look forward to from Panini U.K.

Drawing Hamlet roughs for Classical Comics ,

by the way their Romeo and Juliet graphic novels are being printed now quick text, plain text and original text ,the art looks fab Will Volley has done a fantastic job on this book and Jim Devlin has matched the art with a great colouring job, another winner from the Classical Comics crew.

just heard Classical Comics The Tempest book i worked on will be going to press today so looking forward to seeing it in print,again three versions quick text, plain text and original text,
we all put a lot of time and effort into the book so fingers crossed i hope it gets received as well as Macbeth did.

WASTED issue 3 will feature my character co-created with Alan Grant ''Tales of the Buddha'' before he got enlightened on the cover drawn by
this issue will be printed this month by Bad press ltd.

there's other stuff happening like a exhibition featuring my work coming up where and when will be announced soon over 43 pieces of my prime art for sale .

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