Monday, 17 August 2009


happy birthday to John Romita jr ! ,when i was drawing Spectacular Spider-man Adventures comic for Panini/ Marvel U.K i was buying The Amazing Spider-man U.S comic drawn by JRJR to inspire me and to get into the groove of drawing Spidey,

he's my favourite modern Spidey artist and also one of my comic book icons ,he has a great knack of story telling ,showing emotion ,grace and power in his work and he makes drawing look so simple when it's not.

this image just shows how great he is at drawing Spidey but also action.

art by John Romita jr (pencils)
characters copyright Marvel Characters inc 2009


  1. Ditto! Always enjoy a JRJR spidey book, how cool is it that we get two great Romita's to have drawn Spider-man. Both rock!

  2. yes his dad is my all time fav Spidey artist followed by the genius that is Ditko.
    JR SR and JR JR are just all round great artists its been a pleasure to look and read their work over the years :-)