Monday, 1 June 2009

STREET dancers Diversity

like millions of people in the u.k i watched Britain's got Talent on itv , i was amazed by the dance group Diversity ,all young guys who dance for the fun of it but all are just amazing to watch ,i know this isn't my usual type of post but when i watched these guys perform it was like performance art ,dynamic, funny, cute (the young boy dressed as superman was brilliant and the transformer moment just so so clever)

i just think that they have with their team leader /choreographer Ashley Banjo have a terrific future in entertainment they are all real stars and I'm sure alot of pop stars would love them to back them on tour,

it just goes to show that with alot of hard work and team work anything can happen, I'm really pleased their dream came true and I'm sure the Queen will be amazed when they perform for her later in the year.
well done Diversity!!

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