Tuesday, 23 June 2009

harry enfield and chums

in 1998 i drew this poster and sent it to Harry Enfield about the idea of maybe doing a Harry Enfield and chums comic annual ,Harry sent me back a hand written note saying ''thanks for the idea and that he would sieve it in his porridge of his mind''.... and nothing happened ,shame as i would have loved to draw that project
anyone out there can check out the show i guess on dvd or youtube


  1. Love this page, mate.

    Nice change of pace from you.

    Bang on with all the characters too.

    Gave me a right old chuckle!

    Pity it hasn't happened, although I suppose never say never and all that.


  2. ta timbo, another idea that never happened ...but it would have been great if it had, i would have laughed and laughed like i do when i draw fat chops (buddha)thanks for the feedback.