Sunday, 28 June 2009

finish the dredd fatties story today

the 2000ad Judge Dredd ''fatties'' story will be finished today ,it's been alot of work (a cast of thousands) but a lot of fun too, the art style was drawn in a cartoon-ish way to suite the story, i hope the readers and Tharg will like it enough to offer me more Dredd work in the future.

as i was looking around on the web i found this classic old cover featuring a fattie drawn by the great Ron Smith i liked the character so i decided i would draw him in the story as a cameo ,see if you can see him when the story is published.

along with Mike Mcmahon Ron was another fav artist of mine on Dredd ,
loved his stuff in 2000ad and he did fantastic work on the Judge Dredd daily newspaper strip for the Daily Star


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