Thursday, 16 April 2009

OF ANCIENT BLOOD PART 4(never published) 2004

Of Ancient Blood book 1 was never completed as the comic Warhammer monthly was cancelled after part 3 was published ,originally the writer Mitchel Scanlon had the saga running for 6 parts in a graphic novel and 6 graphic novels in total ,here is part 4 i finished the artwork but im only showing the pencils plus the finished first page on this blog ,as you can see my pencils are rougher if i ink them myself .
i enjoyed drawing this series it was like conan meets kronos vampire hunter and i enjoyed working with Mitch alot way back in 2004 .
Mitch now mainly writes novels and i can't understand why he's never got a gig working for Marvel comics usa or DC comics he's a great talent.

i still get asked at conventions ''how did the story finish?'' to tell the Truth i don't know, it's a shame the story was never finished.


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