Sunday, 19 April 2009


I've recently had the pleasure to work for Nexus productions ltd on a animated tv commercial for Coca-Cola ,i was contacted by producer Pip Malone to work on the project as the main theme of it was that it should look like loads of different comic strip styles cut out and put together ,i had a blast working with the directors Mark and Tom Perret.

basically i drew enviroment stuff buildings, trees, bridge, giant snowman ,coke van, cars,characters black boy with ice cream ,clark kent spoof, hot manga guy, girl with the fan ,chap with the watering can ,the background crowd sadly the traffic cop we worked on got edited out.

the animators would draw the characters doing the action and then i would redrew them in black ink line which is called clean up so what you see looks like a comic strip cut out but moving ,i worked on everything on the commercial apart from the sky and monsters.

it was great seeing my drawings move for the first time as i've always loved animation since i was a very young boy.

the crew who worked with me on the commercial where great too, we had a lot of laughs and i enjoyed working with them alot ,any way the commercial is on view on the Nexus website just click on the link directors and click on to Tom and Mark
and click on to the pink monster head .
here's some screen shots to view.

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