Saturday, 18 April 2009

captain britain the lion and the spider plug!!

just bought captain britain the lion and the spider published by PANINI UK LTD
featuring work by chris claremont, john byrne, steve parkhouse,paul neary,john stokes,jim lawrence, larry lieber, ron wilson
intro by dez skinn

original character design roughs of CB included as well (always love seeing the behind the scenes stuff)

what im really happy about after waiting 30 yrs !! yes 30 years they have reprinted the black knight strip that featured in the u.k 's hulk comic weekly featuring the return of captain britain beautiful art by neary and john stokes ,it really is great stuff

the other stuff is great too especially the byrne marvel team up story

all i can say is thanks brady webb, reprint editor for a fab package

photo's by lew stringer


  1. I ordered from USA to get the Black Knight strip which is great but The Lion and the Spider does not contain the whole run. Do you know if Panini is going to reprint the rest of the series?


  2. yes they are as John Stokes has been asked to draw a new Black Knight cover !,can't wait to get the next book myself

  3. I went on and pre-ordered The Siege of Camalot which it states that it collects Hulk Comic Weekly #42-55, 56-63. It skips Hulk #31-41. I was just wondering, is this the book you mentioned?

    Thanks again.