Monday, 3 October 2011


My friend and fellow ace comic strip artist Simon Williams took photos of me standing next to displays of Panini Marvel pocket books at THE WORKS shop in Cardiff in Wales U.K on Saturday .
As you can see they are reduced from £3.99 to £1.99 so grab them while they are at cut price !

all the covers apart from the Spectacular Spiderman cover where penciled by me ,this cover was drawn by John Royle, but inside the Spectacular Spider-man collection was strip art that both I and Simon had drawn for Panini's Spectacular Spider-man Adventures comic if you read Simon's blog the shop even had the Spider-man annual and Marvel Heroes Annual 's that has Simon's art reprinted in them .

Simon's blog

 we asked the staff if it was ok to photo the covers saying we where the artists who worked on the books but they didn't seem to believe us , we chuckled and took some snaps on Simon's phone , here they are .

the dvd box collections of THE INCREDIBLE HULK, SPIDER-MAN and THE UNCANNY X-MEN
on sale in the shop even had Simon's art on the covers .
It was nice for both of us to see our work on display,
thanks Simon for the photos

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  1. You look really proud, and deservedly so... that's some top notch work there Jon :) It was great to see you the weekend... and a thrill to see our stuff in the Works!