Saturday, 3 April 2010


Just heard the sad news that John passed away yesterday after he lost his battle with cancer my thoughts are with his loved ones especially Mark his brother.

John was a great person funny ,clever,thoughtful sometimes cheeky always gave me advice about life and the universe he was my neighbour a few years ago and i always enjoyed going round his for a drink and chat ,he would play me one of his songs he was working on or show me something new on his computer or play a tune on his sitar or metal drums.

John was a fan of ''Tales of the Buddha before he got enlightened'' that i drew he came up with my nick name Johnny Horney which i used when the strip was printed in Northern Lightz adult humour comic

this picture was painted by his brother Mark Burrell it's called SAILING INTO THE SUN John was a hang glider who loved the freedom to fly .

I'll never forget you John

painting copyright MARK BURRELL 2010

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