Sunday, 11 March 2012


Yesterday one of my all time icons sadly passed away Jean Giraud aka Moebius aka Gir, this has hit me hard like a thump to the heart, you see I have loved this man's work for almost all my life.
He showed me magical worlds beautiful people incredible creatures and inspired me on so many levels, one being you don't have to draw only in one style, Jean was successful at what ever he drew be it westerns, sci-fi, fantasy.
He designed for animation, movies, computer games and had such a huge impact on me growing up via his stories alot of fellow creatives over the next few weeks will say in better words than me how great he was , he was and is a culture icon , we have lost someone truly special and that makes me so sad the world needs more visionaries like Jean.
Thank you Jean for giving me such enjoyment and entertainment and for showing me how wonderful art and the imagination can be.
I will always love your work.

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