Thursday, 15 March 2012


Another retro blog going back to 1986 when i was a fresh faced fanboy aged 21, still learning the craft of drawing and writing comic strips.
It's no secret to those who know me i'm a huge Alan Moore fan have been since his work for Warrior and 2000AD.
These scans are from colour photocopies that are 26 years old so the colour has faded and Alan's skin has turned yellow!

I can't remember what happened to the original art i do remember posting this story to Warrior in the hope Alan would see the pages , again it's funny to see my work looking raw in places and the figure work abit stiff again , at the time i remember reading HOW TO DRAW COMICS THE MARVEL WAY by Stan Lee and John Buscema to help me with my drawing i was also getting advice via letters from David Lloyd about my work , Dave became my guru for around 6 months , I was still working for a Marketing and Advertising agency in Norwich but my dream was to draw comics.

So here is the work never before seen by the public as you'll see i was really into Alan Davis's art (still am he's a genius) if Mr Moore does get to see this i hope it makes him smile , I'll just like to end by saying THANKS Alan for all the entertainment over the last 30 yrs.

drawn in 1986 when i was dreaming to work in the world of comics

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