Friday, 31 July 2009


Here's my cover roughs for The Amazing Spider-man Marvel pocket books cover i ended up drawing 6 cover roughs and the final pencils got changed abit from the roughs.
this will be my 23 cover for the pocket book range produced by Panini
i'll show the finished pencils when i have permission from the publisher till then you can guess which cover the editor liked best.

Spiderman /Green Goblin copyright marvel characters inc 2009


  1. I like them all :) You draw a cool Spidey my friend.

  2. thanks ,i've always enjoyed Spidey since i was a child so to draw these covers for Marvel U.K /Panini have been a real pleasure.
    as they are roughs the art is abit raw but i sometimes like seeing that process from a artist glad you like them.