Monday, 6 July 2009


Growing up in the 70's in the UK Jack's Marvel work was reprinted in A4 size comics in black and white from Marvel U.K ,if you where lucky the odd railway station or corner newsagent would have the odd full colour american comic .

what i love about his work is his designs, his dynamics the sheer power of the characters as they leap off the page at you , he had a great energy going on in his pencils and a unique style , he had an incredible ability to create fantastic characters for the main publishers in a 50 year career .

to read more about the king and to see more fantastic art my friend Tim Perkins website Wizards-Keep has a Hall of Fame section with a terrific tribute
here's the link

Kirby was a genius and there will never be another artist like him who could work like him or create like him.

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  1. Hi Jon,

    Yes, as you know, I think Jack Kirby rightly had the mantle of "King" bestowed upon him in the credit boxes by Stan Lee.

    I am presently re-reading his Fourth World books for the umpteenth time and you know it just gets better with every read.

    Thanks for the nod to the Hall of Fame on my website. I hope it gives folks lots of pleasure.

    BTW: Thanks from Margaret and I for the anniversary text the other day, it meant a lot.

    Looking forward to seeing your new Dredd stuff in 2000AD.