Sunday 10 June 2012


Tim Perkins
the Malta Comic Con crew and guests 2011

I had the pleasure last year to attend the Malta comic con in Valletta , i was there as a guest you can read all about the convention and Tim's book launch on his excellent blog Malta comic con part 1 there are 4 parts to this mini saga write up ,but worth reading , Tim Perkins is a rare breed yes he's my friend , we first met many years ago at a convention and as Tim put's it we are ''a kindred spirit''.

Tim has a passion for life and comic storytelling and art for all ages which i have enjoyed sharing with him over the many years i've known him, he told me i would enjoy myself in Malta and i did so much in fact i plan to return there soon for a visit .

Now on to Tim's first book of Worlds end vol 1 The Riders on the Storm!
Tim worked on this project on and off for 7 yrs , his vision and passion was to produce a new saga that would appeal to all ages and be exciting and fun , i can say  Tim achieved his goal , i enjoyed the book alot, top production of print and binding by Print Media Productions Ltd, wonderful visuals , maps, end papers,behind the scenes features, great designs , a fast paced comic strip story (which made me itching to read book 2) what's the story? read  Lew Stringers excellent review
If you love fantasy/ sci-fi , good ol adventure with a dash of humour, stories you can read with your children then i highly recommend Tim's book .

you can buy Tim's fab production from his website
go on meet Gweldar, Geek and Zephol you'll enjoy the adventure.

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