Monday, 1 August 2011


Had a great time at the Forbidden Planet Mega store signing of  SPIRIT OF HOPE and also at Orbitial Comics in London.

HAMLET is still chugging along the penciler David Lorenzo has 59 more pages to pencil,

currently i'm working on a web project where i have created the look of the characters and drawn comic strips to be used on a infomation website my work is being coloured by the talented JOHN CHARLES i hope i'll get to show the work sometime or put up a link to the website .

also i'm drawing humour art for a book pitch for a client using colour markers which has been a interesting job to draw ,again i hope down the road i can show images.

Last year i helped Artist Steve Pugh with Lovecraft's Pickman's Model written adaption for comics by Jamie Delano for The Lovecraft Anthology – volume II to be published next March by Self Made Hero , i drew character design suggestions  and rough layouts for Steve for Pickman's model so he could get time to finish HOTWIRE ,it was a blast working with Steve as i'm a huge fan of his work and also we get on really well as friends , i hope we can work together again one day (fingers crossed).

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