Friday, 12 March 2010

Avatar Star Sam Worthington Is... Dan Dare?

saw this on ,well he's got the nose and chin and he's starred in the biggest gross film of all time.
so the public have a taste for epic sci-fi and we now have the tech to have 9ft Treens on the big screen.

i would cast

Timothy Spall as Digby
Amanda Holden as Prof Peabody
Bernard Hill as Sir Hubert Guest
Andy Serkis as the Mekon

director? some one who has a love for the comic medium, i would like the guy that did Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow Kerry Conran he has a flare for retro goodness and Dare needs to look Hampson retro to look different enough to be not just another sci-fi film .

interesting to read Warner Bros are doing it as well

fingers crossed it will happen and be a good film

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