Sunday, 14 February 2010


I first saw Steranko's work in a U.K comic called Captain Britain in the mid 70's the title reprinted his Nick Fury agent of Shield work which he had written and drawn in the swinging 60's, for a young boy of 10 looking at his work he blew me away with his dynamic figure drawing and his great flare for graphics and use of light to set up scenes i remember i used to copy some of his panels to try to learn how he did it .

in the 80's i saw his work in Heavy Metal they where printing his film adaption of Sean Connery's Outland movie where he played a sheriff in space his art on two page spreads where brilliant I've wanted to see this work again for years and now you can on this fantastic new website

there is tons more of the great mans work on view from his whole career
yesterday i spotted this new cover by Steranko for Jonathan Ross's new comic for Image as you can see a great use of graphic having the bat across the cover and great use of shadow.

Steranko always inspires

young artists who want to draw comics or paint covers or learn storytelling should always check out Jim Steranko he's a one off and a genius

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