Wednesday, 23 September 2009


In August this year i was asked by Northstar Publishing to draw a two page spread cut-away of Sir Stirling Moss for the Goodwood Revival Meeting Programme 2009.

The artwork had to look as if it was from The Eagle comic from the 1950's ,the idea was to show Sir Stirling as a kind of cyborg with a computer for a brain , gears and springs and engine for his legs and chest etc.
i used coloured inks and pencils for the colouring and a Pentel doc pen for inking

here's my first two pencil roughs i had problems with getting Sir Stirling's helmet and head right , after my third attempt i ended up with an approved piece of art .

my artwork was blown up as a life size cut out and was presented to Sir Stirling Moss who recently celebrated his 80th Birthday.

I'm pleased to say the crowd at the event liked my work, and it was a honour for me to draw the art for one of the living legends of British motor sport.

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