Monday, 24 August 2009


I've has been getting lots of emails about breaking into comics as a career.


1. work on a folio of art that shows 3-5 pages of storytelling which shows different skills figure drawing, backgrounds, perspective,layouts,show different camera angles (close up's, longshot, worms eye view), study books like ''HOW TO DRAW COMICS THE MARVEL WAY'' BY STAN LEE AND JOHN BUSCEMA.

Ask a writer for a sample script to work from or redraw one of your favorite comic pages how you would draw them. Editors are not interested in splash pages or pin-ups ,they want to see you can tell a story through the art.

2. checkout major writers forums
like mark millar's which have a creative section show your work there and get feedback.

3. attend a Comic convention and cue to show your work to Editors or publishers to get feedback good or bad.

4. check out what styles are in vogue at the moment ie Manga, retro, classic, realistic, which style would work for you.

5. most companies are not having submissions anymore
,the Editors now check out blogs, websites and places like Deviant art

6.Try to get your work in fanzines or small press to learn your craft but also to learn about deadlines, the big publishers tend to want to use artists who have already had their work published

7. have a thick skin as it takes time to get work and to get to a pro standard, be good at what you do, improve all the time,remember that all feedback is positive, so learn from it - don't irritate people, just be nice to them, always.

8.If you are a writer and you are just starting out again seek small press and fanzines to get your work seen, attend comic conventions and ask Editors or Publishers if they would like a sample of your published work.

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