Saturday, 16 May 2009


I've enjoyed Dave's work since i was 11 yrs old when i first got a copy of issue 1 of 2000ad for 8p .

Over the years i have collected his work enjoyed it and he has been a inspiration to me , met him loads of times at cons and have even shared a few pints of Guinness with him , he's been supportive of my work and i can say that has meant alot to me over the years when things have been tough like being out of work for long periods of time and when I've thought whats the point of banging my head against a door that won't open for me ie Marvel u.s and DC comics , then Dave would say ''keep at it your good'' and that one line from him would keep me going.

Anyway this image was a cover for a project called ''THUNDER REALM'' written by Kevin Gunstone of ''THE AGENTS'' and ''MARVEL MANGA'' fame it was going to be WARRIOR NUN set in the world of the Norse Gods , it was going to be my first full colour mini series for the u.s market with ANTARCTIC PRESS IN 2005 , I was so excited that i asked Dave if he would pencil the cover and he agreed the cover was inked by John Stokes and it was coloured by John Higgins , I designed the character designs and layout for the cover , then it all crumbled , Kevin and I never got the deal we wanted and the project got put into limbo , that was an important lesson to me NEVER START A PROJECT WITH A PUBLISHER UNTIL THERE IS A CONTRACT.

still we have this wonderful pin -up and it was great to work with them and to date this is the only time Dave has been inked by John Stokes .

by the way Dave at the start of his career used to letter other artists work one of his earliest jobs was lettering FISHBOY for Buster drawn by John Stokes in the early 70's.

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