Saturday, 7 March 2009


Watchmen the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons is my all time fav book ,when it first came out as a 12 issue series in '86 i was 21yrs old and i was working in a marketing and advertising agency as a in house illustrator/ dogs body and coffee boy dreaming of being a pro comic artist ,every mouth my brother let me read his comics and i got hooked by the story and amazing craftmanship by both Moore and Gibbons .

watchmen is a very special masterpiece of comic strip art, its never been bettered.
Dave Gibbons has always been one of my all time fav artists since i first saw his work in issue 1 of 2000a.d, Dave has also kept me going over the years with his encouragement about my work.

i saw the Watchmen movie last night by Zack Snyder and i loved it and im looking forward to buying the special edition dvd when it comes out ,i think he's done a great job with the movie, the cast where great. also im glad the film was not watered down .
i feel it was a great homage to the graphic novel.
i hope it does well at the box office and that it encourages people who have never read a graphic novel to pick up a copy of the watchmen and enjoy it .


  1. Hi Jon
    Thanks for the review. I personally was always ambiguous towards this particular work by Moore, feeling the build up was extremely satisfying but the ending let me down. HOWEVER the film does look like god entertainment, so I'll go see it in the cinema.
    P.S. Thanks for linking to my Bellamy Blog! And I'm enjoying the Classical Comics work

  2. thanks norman
    frank bellamy is my all time fav artist. he was a great graphic artist/ illustrator and he never drew a bad job so finding your blog about him was like finding gold thanks for your time and efforts promoting the great man.